CCDExplorer 2.0

CCD Explorer allows you to organize you CCD images
2.0 (See all)

CCD Explorer allows you to organize you CCD images in a nice neat program. The program allows you to enter data about each CCD image and lets you set filters displaying a subset of the CCD images you have taken.
CCD Explorer does not support FIT or SBIG file format, but it does support almost any other common graphic format such and JPEG, BMP, GIF, or TIFF files. The program does allow some image processing but is mainly a viewer.
The image viewer part of the program allows you to load any image, including icon files and convert them to any other format. You can display the full size of the CCD image with scroll bars or display the entire image by a click of the mouse button.
There are a few ways to find images you have stored in the program. An image can be found by a search method, a listing of all the images, or by using the tree navigator.
The program includes a scheduler to allow you to build a database of objects you plan to image.
Main features:
-New seach option
-32 bit support
-New Filter Wizard
-Customized tables for catalogs and object types
-Astronomy functions incluing moon and sun rise/set times
-Planetary information
-50,000 predefined US cities with longitude and latitude
-Better view image feature and much more

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